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Providing a complete spectrum of art services is just another benefit Garments To Go, Inc. has to offer. Our art department assists our clients with their art needs from conception to completion, whether digitizing embroidery or developing art for screenprinting and promotional items.

Art Submission Instructions

Company Name: ______________________

Contact: ______________________

Phone #: ______________________

Fax #: ______________________

P.O.# ______________________

E-Mail Address: ______________________

Please Supply camera-ready art that is clean and sharp with a very high contrast black/white that needs no further touch up on 8 ½ x 11 paper. Do not fax art if at all possible. Remember: Providing the best version of art available (that requires the least amount of touch up) significantly reduces your art charges and allows Garments To Go, Inc. to provide the best reproduction. Good artwork cuts down production time.

Acceptable Formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS2/Version 12.0 (or lower) *.ai, *.eps - ideal format to use
  • Photoshop CS2/Version 9.0 (or lower) *.tif, *.psd
  • CorelDraw 13.0 (or lower) *.cdr
  • Web Formats *.jpg, *.gif, *.png - least desirable

Please Supply all fonts used (if known). Use PC TrueType© fonts only, not Mac fonts. Or you can convert the font to curves

We accept electronic files on 3 ½ Disks, CD, or via e-mail.

E-mail art to


  • Eliminate all unnecessary elements from your file including extraneous colors, patterns, and other elements that may be invisible or behind other elements or layers. Send a clean file.
  • Make spot color names consistent, especially if more than one application is used to create your art. When colors touch, we may need to create traps. Prepare so the colors are in an editable format as outlines, curves, or vectors. If not, additional charges may be incurred.
  • Please know that your art may not work on all of our products. Example: On rough textured items, halftones will not print well. For embroidery, detail such as fine outlines and letters less than ¼” in height are very difficult to reproduce and maintain quality throughout the production.
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Contact our Ada at 800.967.5864 to see how we can meet your custom garment needs.

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